Welcome to Tim's Sports World

Tim and his dedicated staff of tennis specialists supports your tennis needs year round. We take the time to understand your game and your tennis needs - and we recommend shoes, rackets, strings and thicknesses, string tension, grips and more. Got a tournament to play? A league match? ...and a broken string? Stop in at Sports World and get your racket strung while you wait.

As a high level tennis player himself, Tim understands the game of tennis - and how subtleties in racket brands, head sizes, string tensions can affect and improve your game. Sports World supplies all major brands to choose from - including Head, Wilson, Prince, Babolat to name a few. In addition Tim and his staff at Sports World research, test new rackets as they come onto the market, and can provide you with personalized recommendations on racket playability. You won't find this weath of information at any online store - so, be sure to stop in at Tim's Sports World for all of your tennis needs.

At Sports World you'll find a great selection of tennis and basketball shoes.

A huge inventory of tennis rackets from all of the major brands, plus demo rackets are available for you to "try before you buy".

Racket Stringing
With our professional stringing equipment, a large selection of tennis string, United States Racket Stringers Association (USRSA) member, and Certified Racket Technician (CRT) stringers - we can assure your tennis stringing satisfaction. Do you hit with topspin? a flat ball? slice? We will recommend the best string for your game type.